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Re: VX6000 Hell

The same situation happened with my VX6000 phone, purchased in December. The manager at one Verizon store was quite rude to me when I showed him the problem, basically unwilling to assist in any way. Bottom line: You and I should both get brand new phones. I am writing a letter to the president of Verizon Wireless, and will include your story. I'm going to research this a bit more. Thanks.


This just happened to me as well. I have yet to bring it into the store. I have had the phone less than a year and pay a monthly fee for the TEC (Total equipment coverage). I find it utterly annoying that I will have to pay a $50 deductible for a new phone when I did nothing to cause it to break. Further more, I had another LG flip phone that broke in the same way, causing me to buy this one. It seems like the pressure from the mechanism underneath causes the plastic to break. I feel that if I am paying for insurance I should get a new phone for free.


the hinge is very tight when closed but open it up and the left side is loose and is about to break. the people at verizon said that if i buy new housing and get it installed profesionaly the problem will be fixed or they can give me a referb vx6100 but i dont like the look of the 6100 so ill try the housing.

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