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nate moser

it's fun and ironic to see my friend, who a number of years ago chided me with "ooooh, you lost!" when i got my first mobile phone, now blogging away about the pros and cons of various models. granted, wanting a phone so you can snap pictures of interesting urban things is a little different from needing a phone so people can page you to fix their webserver.

coincidentally, lisa and i are in the market for new phones, too. since moving aboard our boat a couple of years ago, we haven't used a land line, and have shared the same mobile number. like a few other aspects of living aboard, this has begun to lose it's thoreau-ian charm. (want to buy a boat? ;)

lisa needs a phone and separate number (no more, "your dad called a couple days ago. he said it was important" messages, she says), and i want a new one that will let me use iSync to replace what i use my palm pilot for in my commercial day life -- calendar and contacts. the phones i've looked at so far, though, have pretty abysmal ways of displaying that info, much less letting you enter or edit it. i'll have to have a look at the T610. for me, a camera might be cute and fun, but i still like my canon digital elph s300.

also, your comments about 14-year-olds and multitap typing reminded me of this USB PC keyboard alternative that i saw on slashdot a while back.

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